Yellow LED Scooter Suitcase: The Perfect Travel Companion for Kids

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The Yellow LED Scooter Suitcase: The Perfect Travel Companion for Kids is not just your ordinary suitcase. It is a ride-on toy that will make traveling more fun and exciting for your little ones. Let their imagination run wild as they ride around on this colorful and attractive scooter suitcase.

Key Features:
- High-quality PU wheels: These wheels are designed to adapt to a variety of ground surfaces, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for your child.
- Non-slip EVA scooter: The scooter is made of non-slip EVA material, providing extra safety for your child. It also has a built-in brake system for added security.
- Spacious inner pockets: The suitcase features inner pockets that can store books, snacks, clothes, and other essentials. Your child can pack everything they need for their adventure.
- Comfortable handles: The scooter suitcase is equipped with comfortable handles that are easy to grip and control. Your child can easily steer in any direction they want to go.
- Attractive pattern and colorful lights: The scooter suitcase features an eye-catching pattern and colorful lights that will stimulate your child's interest and imagination.
- Easy to fold: The scooter suitcase can be easily folded within 4 steps, making it more compact and space-saving. It is perfect for traveling and storage.
- Waterproof and scratch-resistant: The suitcase is made of waterproof and scratch-resistant material, ensuring its durability and longevity.
- Airplane-approved size: The scooter suitcase is designed to meet the size requirements of most airlines. It is suitable for multiple occasions, whether it's a family vacation or a weekend getaway.
- Perfect gift for adventure-loving kids: This scooter suitcase is the perfect gift for children over 5 years old. It will help develop their adventure ability and make traveling more enjoyable.

Product Specifications:
- Color: Yellow/Red
- Material: EVA, PU, polyester fabric, aluminium
- Overall dimension: 27.5'' x 13'' x 31'' (L x W x H)
- Folding size: 20'' x 13'' x 10'' (L x W x H)
- Net weight: 8lbs
- Scooter maximum weight: 99 lbs
- Suitcase maximum weight: 11 lbs
- Recommended age: 5+
- Package includes: 1 x Scooter suitcase, 1 x User manual

With the Yellow LED Scooter Suitcase: The Perfect Travel Companion for Kids, your child will not only have a functional suitcase but also a ride-on toy that will make their travel experience more enjoyable. Get ready for an adventure-filled journey with this unique and versatile scooter suitcase.

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