Ok, so you are looking for the best ride on car for your child that is truly above the others that you have seen in big box stores sold by Giraffes. Now you are ready for the ultimate cars for kids experience with Magic Cars. You have probably heard the popular song in the Magic Cars commercial aired on Nickelodeon or from your little one singing it to you. “Everyone wants a Magic Car to drive around in” and it is true as these cars are designed for your child and you! You have the parental driver option of driving the vehicle from the Magic Cars wireless remote control steering wheel. Once you feel your child is ready to graduate from driver’s education just press the button in the car to change it to manual mode for them to start driving their brand new car. Watch them drive away on their own. The experience can be compared to the feeling of excitement on your child’s face when they are brought to a carnival and they discover that perfect ride that they want to enjoy again and again. That is the level of enjoyment the entire family will receive as it is truly the ultimate adventure and gift that will last for years. Stop waiting and start creating memories today that will always be fun to talk about. Buy today and you will receive the world famous Magic Car full 1 year bumper to bumper warranty! This car will last for forever and can be handed to each generation of young ones to enjoy. If you ever need a spare part in the future we are here to assist as we carry the entire catalog of parts just as you would find on your full size car!

Have a question? Please contact us 24 hours a day at info@magiccars.com and we will be happy to assist you. Don’t forget to ask about your surprise gift when ordering today.