TOBBI 12V Electric Bumper Snail Car for Toddlers with Remote Control

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The TOBBI 12V Electric Bumper Snail Car for Toddlers with Remote Control is a rc ride on toy that will create precious childhood memories for your little ones. This eye-catching bumper car features a snail-shaped appearance and comes in different vibrant colors. Made with high-grade material and equipped with rubber anti-collision strips, this bumper car is designed for reliability and safety. The seat belt ensures that your children are secure while enjoying their ride.

With two motors, this bumper car allows for long-distance driving, giving your kids endless fun. It is suitable for children aged from 37 to 96 months, making it perfect for toddlers and young kids. The two universal wheels enable easy 360-degree rotation, allowing your kids to spin around with excitement. The bumper car also features vibrant lights that offer a realistic driving experience, further enhancing the fun.

Safety is a top priority with this bumper car. The rubber strips increase its crashworthiness, providing added protection during playtime. The stunning appearance of the car distracts kids from electronic devices, encouraging them to engage in active play. The appealing stickers on the car catch their attention and spark their interest, making it even more enjoyable for them.

Made with premium PP material, this bumper car is built to last, enabling kids to use it for an extended period of time. For kids who are unable to operate the car themselves, the remote control feature brings an extra level of fun. The cut-off protector with a fuse ensures that kids are protected from electricity hazards while charging the car.

This TOBBI Electric Bumper Snail Car is certified by CPSIA, CPC, and ASTM-F963, meeting the highest safety standards for children's toys. It is available in a striking Red+Black color combination, adding to its visual appeal. With a weight capacity of 66.14 lbs, this bumper car is suitable for children aged 3 to 9 years.

The overall dimensions of the car are 26.77"L x 26.77"W x 18.11"H, providing a comfortable and spacious ride for your little ones. The net weight of the car is 11.9 lbs, making it easy to maneuver. The maximum speed of the car is 1.86 mph, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for your kids.

Included in the package are the Electric Bumper Car, a user manual, a remote control, and a charger. Get ready to create unforgettable childhood memories with the TOBBI 12V Electric Bumper Snail Car for Toddlers with Remote Control. Let your kids experience the joy of driving their own bumper car while ensuring their safety and providing endless fun.

- Brand: TOBBI
- Color: Red+Black
- Material: PP
- Net Weight: 11.9 lbs
- Weight Capacity: 66.14 lbs
- Suitable Age: 37 to 96 Months
- Overall Dimensions: 26.77"L x 26.77"W x 18.11"H
- Motor: 12V(18W)x2
- Battery: 6V 4.5AHx2
- Charger: 120V AC 60HZ (Input); 12V DC 700MA (Output)
- Maximum Speed: 1.86 mph

Package Includes:
- 1 x Electric Bumper Car
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Remote Control
- 1 x Charger

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