Supercharged Leather Seat 4-Wheel Kids Ride-On Car with Dual 200W Motors - 24V, 7A, 200W x 2

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The Supercharged Leather Seat 4-Wheel Kids Ride-On Car with Dual 200W Motors - 24V, 7A, 200W x 2 is the ultimate ride-on car for adventurous children. With its sleek design and powerful motors, this car provides an exhilarating experience for kids aged 3-8.

Featuring a supercharged battery with a specification of 24V7A*1 200W*2, this ride-on car is ready to go after just 1 hour of charging. With a range of 8-12 hours, kids can enjoy hours of non-stop fun. The self-driving function allows for forward and backward movement, as well as left and right turns. The high and low-speed options provide flexibility for different terrains. The four-wheel shock absorbers ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Parents can take control with the remote control feature, allowing them to guide the car's movements. The remote control enables forward and backward movement, left and right turns, as well as three-speed regulation and braking. The LED lights add a cool factor to the car, while the USB MP3 player allows kids to listen to their favorite tunes while cruising around. The honking feature and power display add to the overall excitement.

Safety is a top priority with this ride-on car. It is equipped with a three-point seat belt to keep kids secure during their adventures. The main material used in the construction of this car is PP+ iron, ensuring durability and longevity. The car has a load-bearing capacity of 25KG, making it suitable for most children. The recommended seat size is 20CM in length, 43CM in width, and 26CM in height. The leather seat cushion adds a touch of luxury to the car.

Overall, the Supercharged Leather Seat 4-Wheel Kids Ride-On Car with Dual 200W Motors - 24V, 7A, 200W x 2 is a thrilling and safe ride-on car that will provide endless entertainment for children. Whether they are zooming around the neighborhood or exploring off-road, this car is sure to be a hit.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery specification: 24V7A*1 200W*2
  • 1 hour charge time
  • 8-12 hours of continuous use
  • Self-driving function: forward, backward, left turn, right turn
  • High and low-speed options
  • Four-wheel shock absorbers for a smooth ride
  • Remote control included
  • LED lights
  • USB MP3 player
  • Honking feature
  • Power display
  • Three-point seat belt
  • Main material: PP+ iron
  • Load-bearing capacity: 25KG
  • Recommended age: 3-8
  • Seat size: length 20CM, width 43CM, height 26CM
  • Leather seat cushion

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