Sparkling Pink Wiggle Car Ride-on Toy for Toddlers and Kids with Flashing Wheels

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The Sparkling Pink Wiggle Car Ride-on Toy for Toddlers and Kids with Flashing Wheels is the perfect way to keep your little ones active and help them develop important skills. Made with premium PP and PU materials, this ride-on toy is designed to provide hours of fun for kids over two years old. Safety is our top priority, which is why we've included detailed designs to ensure your child's safety while riding. The dip angle and overhang front wheel designs effectively prevent accidental falls, while the double triangle structure and low seat base increase stability and safety.

But that's not all! This wiggle car is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, allowing your child to have fun wherever they go. It's built to last, thanks to the durable new PP material construction. With strong stability and a large loading capacity, this ride-on toy can withstand years of use. The widened seat provides a comfortable sitting experience for your little one.

One of the best features of this wiggle car is that it comes fully assembled, so you don't have to worry about any difficulties or troubles during assembly. Just take it out of the box and get ready for endless fun! Your child will not only have a great time riding this car, but they will also develop important skills like balancing, coordination, and steering.

The scientific design of a 16-degree dip angle prevents backward falls, ensuring your child's safety at all times. The PU flashing wheels not only provide a quieter riding experience but also add an extra element of excitement. The seat is large enough to accommodate your child as they grow, ensuring years of wiggling fun.

This Sparkling Pink Wiggle Car Ride-on Toy makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Its innovative seamless design adds extra safety features, giving you peace of mind while your child enjoys their ride. With a beautiful pink color, this ride-on toy is sure to capture your child's imagination.

Product Specifications:
- Color: Pink
- Material: PP, PU
- Assembled Product Dimensions: 27" x 12" x 14" (L x W x H)
- Net Weight: 7.72 lbs
- Suitable Age: 2+ years
- Seat Dimensions: 12'' x 11'' (L x H)
- Maximum Weight: 110 lbs

Package Includes:
- 1 x Sparkling Pink Wiggle Car Ride-on Toy
- 1 x Instruction manual

With the Sparkling Pink Wiggle Car Ride-on Toy for Toddlers and Kids with Flashing Wheels, your child will have endless fun while developing important skills. Get ready for an adventure-filled ride!

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