Red 6V Kids Chopper Motorcycle with Headlight and Music

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The Red 6V Kids Chopper Motorcycle with Headlight and Music is not just your ordinary ride-on toy. With its attractive chopper-style design, it will surely catch the attention of kids everywhere. The 3-wheel trike design provides a stable driving experience, preventing any possibility of falling over. And to take the comfort to the next level, the kids-friendly seat comes with a backrest.

But this motorcycle doesn't just look cool, it also comes with some amazing features. Equipped with a bright headlight, it can light up the surroundings even in the darkest of nights. The headlight can also be adjusted to your kids' preference. And to add more fun to the ride, there is built-in music that will keep your kids entertained and avoid any boredom during their drive.

Operating this ride-on chopper motorcycle is incredibly simple. Just turn on the general power button, choose the forward or reverse mode, and press the foot pedal. And thanks to its rechargeable design, your kids can enjoy longer driving time after a full charge. Charging the motorcycle is also a breeze.

With its wear-resistant wheels, your kids can ride this motorcycle on various types of ground such as brick road, wood floor, asphalt ground, and even plastic runway. This means that whether your kids want to ride indoors or outdoors, they can enjoy their happy driving time freely.

This Red 6V Kids Chopper Motorcycle with Headlight and Music is not just a toy, it's a perfect gift that will surprise your kids. It will create fond childhood memories for both parents and kids. And you can have peace of mind knowing that this motorcycle is made with safety in mind. It is crafted with materials that are certified by ASTM, ensuring its reliability and safety.

Why buy our item? Here are some reasons:

- This product is not for sale in California.
- The chopper-style motorcycle has an eye-catching design that is superior to others in appearance.
- The 3-wheel structure provides higher stability and low gravity, ensuring driving safety for kids.
- The wide seat and kids-friendly backrest fit well with kids' body curve, offering higher comfort.
- The direction-adjustable headlight brings added fun and brightens the dark surroundings.
- The built-in music cheers your kids up, especially during tiring driving times.
- The operation is simple enough with a power button, forward/reverse switch, and foot pedal.
- The rechargeable motorcycle is easy to charge through a socket, providing an effortless driving experience.
- It is suitable for nearly all sorts of ground, including brick road, asphalt road, wood floor, and more.
- It is delicately crafted with safe materials that are certified by ASTM, ensuring higher reliability.
- It is the perfect toy to accompany your boys or girls and create fond childhood memories.

- Color: Red
- Material: PP, iron
- Dimension: 36" x 19" x 25" (L x W x H)
- Speed: 2.5-3 km/h
- Battery: DC 6V, 4.5AH
- Net weight: 14 lbs
- Weight capacity: 66 lbs
- Recommended age: 3+ years old

Brand: Costway
Age Level: 3-4 Years, 4-7 Years, 8-11 Years

Get ready for an adventure like no other with the Red 6V Kids Chopper Motorcycle with Headlight and Music. Let your kids experience the thrill of riding their very own chopper and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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