RC Construction Tractor with Electric 12-Volt Battery for Kids Ride-On Fun

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The RC Construction Tractor with Electric 12-Volt Battery for Kids Ride-On Fun is not just any ordinary toy car or truck. It is a thrilling and adventurous ride-on experience that will captivate the imaginations of young children. With its powerful 12-volt battery, this construction tractor is ready to tackle any playtime challenge.Key Features:- Includes a remote control for easy speed and direction control- Suitable for various surfaces such as wooden floors, brick roads, and asphalt roads- Makes for the perfect gift for kids who love construction toysLet's dive into the exciting features and specifications of this RC Construction Tractor:1. Electric Bucket Control:The highlight of this ride-on toy is its electric bucket control. Children can operate the bucket using the electric operation handle, allowing them to scoop, lift, and dump just like a real construction vehicle. The shovel bolted on the bucket can also be detached, providing an additional toy for even more playtime fun.2. Parental Control with Remote:Parents can rest easy knowing that they have full control over the speed and direction of the RC Construction Tractor. The included 2.4G remote control allows parents to steer the car, ensuring the safety of their little ones. Now parents can enjoy peace of mind while their kids have a blast.3. Adjustable Speed:This ride-on toy offers two speed options - high and low. Kids can choose their preferred speed by simply using the corresponding switch. Whether they want to cruise around at a leisurely pace or zoom around at high speed, this RC Construction Tractor has got them covered.4. Safety and Comfort:Safety is a top priority with this ride-on toy. It features a wide seat with a safety belt, providing a secure and comfortable riding experience. The soft start and stop function ensures a smooth and gentle acceleration and deceleration, preventing any sudden jolts or jerks.Product Specifications:- Assembly Required: Yes- Color Family: Yellows / Golds- Product Weight: 29.5 lb- Recommended Age Range: 3 years and up- Type: Car- Product Height: 23 in- Product Length: 42.5 in- Product Width: 25.5 in- Tire/wheel size: 9.84 inWith its sturdy construction, safety features, and realistic design, the RC Construction Tractor with Electric 12-Volt Battery for Kids Ride-On Fun is the ultimate ride-on toy for young adventurers. Let their imaginations run wild as they embark on exciting construction adventures right in their own backyard.Please note that this product is proudly brought to you by Gymax, a trusted brand in the world of ride-on toys. The EAN number for this product is not applicable.Get ready for a thrilling ride-on experience with the RC Construction Tractor. Order yours today and watch your child's imagination come to life!

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