Police Car Ride-On Toy for Kids - 2 Seater Licensed Mercedes Benz X Class RC Trunk

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The Police Car Ride-On Toy for Kids - 2 Seater Licensed Mercedes Benz X Class RC Trunk is a thrilling and adventurous toy that will bring endless joy to your child's playtime. This ride-on car is designed with the same cool appearance as the iconic Mercedes-Benz, making it a stylish and eye-catching choice for young drivers. With its vibrant LED lights and sleek design, this ride-on toy will surely turn heads as your child zooms around the neighborhood.

But this ride-on toy is not just about looks - it also offers a range of exciting features and functions to enhance your child's play experience. Equipped with an FM radio, your child can enjoy listening to their favorite tunes while cruising in style. The MP3 multi-functional player allows them to play music, stories, and even broadcast, creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere during their rides. The ride-on car also features a built-in music system, voltage display, USB, and AUX connectors, providing endless entertainment options for your little one.

Safety is always a top priority, and this ride-on car is designed with that in mind. The shock-proof wheels ensure a smooth and stable ride, whether on flat or rough terrains, giving you peace of mind as your child explores their surroundings. The scientific height doors provide added security, keeping your child safe and secure inside the car.

One standout feature of this ride-on car is its super-capacity trunk. Your child can carry all their essentials and favorite toys with them on their adventures, allowing for a more immersive and imaginative play experience. Whether they're going on a pretend grocery run or embarking on an exciting road trip, the trunk provides ample space for all their needs.

Key Features:
- FM radio for music and entertainment
- Bright LED lights for a stylish and eye-catching look
- MP3 multi-functional player for playing music and stories
- Built-in music system for added fun
- Voltage display for easy monitoring
- USB and AUX connectors for versatile connectivity options
- Volume adjustment and horn for interactive play
- Shock-proof wheels for a smooth and stable ride
- Scientific height doors for added safety
- Super-capacity trunk for carrying essentials and toys

Product Specifications:
- Brand: Gymax
- Model: GYM06494
- EAN: Does not Apply
- Type: Car
- Product Weight: 55 lb
- Assembly Required: Yes
- Color Family: Blacks
- Recommended Age Range: 3 years
- Tire/wheel size: 11 inches
- Product Height: 25.5 inches
- Product Length: 30.5 inches
- Product Width: 55.5 inches

With its sleek design, exciting features, and safety-conscious design, the Police Car Ride-On Toy for Kids - 2 Seater Licensed Mercedes Benz X Class RC Trunk is the perfect choice for young adventurers. Let your child's imagination run wild as they embark on thrilling rides and create unforgettable memories with this exceptional ride-on toy. Order yours today and watch your child's face light up with joy and excitement!

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