MotoTec E-Bully Electric Ride-On ATV - MT-E-Bully-ATV-36v-1000w_White (White/Red) ?

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The MotoTec E-Bully Electric Ride-On ATV - MT-E-Bully-ATV-36v-1000w_White (White/Red) is a powerful and thrilling ride-on vehicle that is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders who are 10 years old and above. With its 36v 1000w waterproof motor, this ATV is ready to conquer any off-road terrain with ease.

This electric ATV is equipped with a rugged chain drive, ensuring reliable performance on all types of terrain. The front and rear disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, giving riders full control over their adventure. The adjustable handlebars allow for a comfortable riding position, while the front and rear suspension absorb bumps and shocks for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

One of the key features of this ATV is its large air-filled knobby rubber tires, which provide excellent traction and stability on various surfaces. Whether it's dirt, gravel, or grass, this ATV can handle it all. The maximum speed of this ATV is 20 MPH, giving riders a thrilling and exhilarating experience. However, out of the box, the speed is limited to 5.5 mph for safety. By disconnecting the 3 pin Red connector and plugging it in to open the 3 pin Red connector, the ATV can reach its maximum speed.

The MotoTec E-Bully Electric Ride-On ATV is powered by three 12v/15ah sealed lead acid batteries, providing a distance per charge of 8 to 16 miles depending on weight and terrain. The ATV can support a maximum rider weight of 165 lbs, making it suitable for riders of various sizes. The ATV also features a forward, neutral, and reverse direction, allowing for easy maneuverability.

With a climbing ability of 12% angle and a roll stability of 25% angle, this ATV can handle inclines and uneven terrain with ease. The transmission is a single speed chain drive, ensuring smooth acceleration and reliable performance. The front wheel measures 14x4.10-6, while the rear wheel measures 14x5.00-6, providing excellent traction and stability.

The front shock is a spring type made of 55 molybdenum silicon, while the rear shock is a spring hydraulic type also made of 55 molybdenum silicon. These shocks absorb impacts and vibrations, ensuring a comfortable ride even on rough terrains. The wheelbase measures 700mm, while the front and rear wheel tread measures 585mm and 450mm respectively.

Safety is a top priority with this ATV, as it is equipped with front and rear disc brakes with a parking brake feature. This allows riders to have full control and securely park the ATV when needed. The ATV itself measures 47x28x30 inches and weighs 118 lbs. The packaging box measures 45x24x21 inches and weighs 136 lbs.

In summary, the MotoTec E-Bully Electric Ride-On ATV is a high-performance and exciting ride-on vehicle that is perfect for adventurous kids aged 10 and above. With its powerful motor, rugged construction, and impressive specifications, this ATV is sure to provide endless hours of fun and excitement for young riders.

Additional Specifications:
- Brand: MotoTec
- Year: 2023
- Recommended Age Range: 10+

Product Key Features:
- 36v 1000w waterproof motor
- Rugged chain drive
- Front and rear disc brakes
- Adjustable handlebars
- Front and rear suspension
- Large air-filled knobby rubber tires

Product Specifications:
- Motor: 36v 1000w (waterproof) (CPSC ATV Action Plan)
- Battery: Three 12v/15ah (Sealed Lead Acid)
- Recommended Age: 10+
- Max Rider Weight: 165 lbs
- Max Speed: 20 MPH (limited to 5.5 mph out of box, disconnect 3 pin Red connector, plugin to open 3 pin Red connector)
- Direction: Forward, Neutral, Reverse
- Distance per charge: 8 to 16 miles (weight/terrain dependent)
- Key: Yes
- Charger Included: Yes
- Climbing Ability: 12% angle
- Roll Stability: 25% angle
- Transmission: Single Speed, Chain Drive
- Front Wheel: 14x4.10-6
- Rear Wheel: 14x5.00-6
- Front Shock: Spring (55 molybdenum silicon)
- Rear Shock: Spring Hydraulic (55 molybdenum silicon)
- Wheelbase: 700mm
- Front Wheel Tread: 585mm
- Rear Wheel Tread: 450mm
- Brakes: Front & Rear Disc (with parking brake)
- ATV Size: 47x28x30 inches
- ATV Weight: 118 lbs
- Box Size: 45x24x21 inches
- Box Weight: 136 lbs

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