Mercedes-Benz Licensed 12V Electric Kids Ride-On Car with Battery Power

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The Mercedes-Benz Licensed 12V Electric Kids Ride-On Car with Battery Power is the perfect gift for your little adventurer. This scaled-down vehicle is a mini version of the iconic Mercedes-Benz car, complete with realistic features that will make your child feel like they're driving the real thing. The car is predominantly white, with a sleek black seat that adds a touch of sophistication. Made from premium PP material, this ride-on car is sturdy and built to last.

Measuring 120*71.6*49.5CM, this rc ride on car is the perfect size for children aged 3-6. It is powered by dual 12V motors, ensuring a powerful and smooth ride. The UL-certified battery provides long-lasting performance, so your child can enjoy hours of fun. The car is equipped with a 10A circuit breaker for added safety.

This ride-on car is packed with exciting features that will enhance your child's playtime experience. It comes with bright front and rear lights, adding a touch of realism to their adventures. The headlights are fully functional, illuminating the path ahead. With the included 2.4G remote control, you can override the car's movements to ensure maximum safety for your child.

The Mercedes-Benz Licensed 12V Electric Kids Ride-On Car also comes with a range of entertainment options. It features inbuilt music, MP3, USB, and SD functions, allowing you to play your child's favorite tunes or educational materials. The car even has a power display and volume adjustment, giving you full control over the audio experience.

Safety is a top priority, which is why this ride-on car is equipped with a seat belt. Your child will be securely strapped in, giving you peace of mind as they explore their surroundings. The car also features four-wheel shock absorbers, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on various terrains.

Transporting this ride-on car is a breeze, thanks to its convenient design. It comes with a folding handle on the bottom of the head of the stroller, making it easy to carry. Additionally, there are 2 foldable pull-rod wheels on the bottom of the rear, allowing you to move the car effortlessly after playtime.

Assembling the Mercedes-Benz Licensed 12V Electric Kids Ride-On Car is a simple process. The step-by-step manual provides clear instructions, making it easy for you to put the car together. Once assembled, the car is ready for endless adventures.

- Color: White
- Main Material: PP
- Overall Dimensions: 47.25"L x 28.19"W x 19.49"H
- Motor: 12V35Wx2
- Rechargeable Battery: 12V7AH
- Charger: 120V AC 60HZ (input), 12VDC1000MA (output)
- Seat: Suitable for 1 child
- Suitable Ages: 3-6
- Net Weight: 39.7LBS

Key Features:
- Realistic Mercedes-Benz design
- Bright head and rear lights
- Adjustable safety belt
- Openable trunk
- Premium PP car body
- 4 spring-suspension knobby wheels
- Two driving modes: manual and remote control
- Inbuilt music, MP3, USB, and SD functions
- Power display and volume adjustment
- Folding handle and foldable pull-rod wheels for easy transportation

Let your child's imagination run wild with the Mercedes-Benz Licensed 12V Electric Kids Ride-On Car. Order now and let the adventures begin!

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