Mercedes-Benz GL450 SUV 6V Ride On for Kids - White

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The Mercedes-Benz GL450 SUV 6V Ride On for Kids - White is the ultimate ride-on toy for any young adventurer. This brand new, in-box Mercedes Benz ride-on is designed to provide endless hours of fun and excitement. With its sleek design and white color, this ride-on car is sure to turn heads as your child cruises around in style.

One of the key features of this ride-on is its impressive speed. With a top speed of up to 2.5 MPH, your child will feel like they're driving a real car as they zoom around the neighborhood. The forward and reverse capabilities allow for easy maneuverability, giving your child full control of their ride-on adventure.

But the fun doesn't stop there. This Mercedes-Benz ride-on also comes equipped with working LED headlights, adding a touch of realism to the driving experience. Your child will feel like they're driving a real car as they navigate the streets with their headlights shining bright.

In addition to the headlights, this ride-on also features engine sounds that add to the immersive experience. Your child can press the sounds on the steering wheel to hear realistic car sounds, making them feel like they're behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle.

But that's not all. This ride-on also includes a range of additional features that will enhance your child's playtime. It comes with rubber traction strips on the wheels, ensuring steady cruising on multiple surfaces. The 6V battery and charger are included, so your child can start their adventure right away.

Designed for kids aged 3 and above, this ride-on has a premium design that mimics the look of a real Mercedes-Benz GL450 SUV. It features a clear windshield, folding mirrors, and realistic chrome rims, adding to the authenticity of the driving experience. The two opening doors allow your child to easily climb in and out of their ride-on car, making it even more convenient for them to embark on their next adventure.

With its sleek design, impressive features, and realistic details, the Mercedes-Benz GL450 SUV 6V Ride On for Kids - White is the perfect ride-on toy for any young driver. Whether they're cruising around the neighborhood or embarking on imaginary adventures, this ride-on car will provide endless fun and excitement. So why wait? Get your child behind the wheel of their very own Mercedes-Benz ride-on and watch as their imagination takes them on incredible journeys.

- Theme: Cars
- Brand: Rollplay
- Speed: Up to 2.5 MPH
- Battery: 6V
- Age Range: 3 and above
- Additional Features: Working LED headlights, engine sounds, rubber traction strips, clear windshield, folding mirrors, realistic chrome rims, two opening doors.

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