Magical Unicorn Horn BIG Bobby Car Classic Ride-On

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The Magical Unicorn Horn BIG Bobby Car Classic Ride-On is a classic ride-on toy that has been redefined to provide an exceptional play experience. As the top product from the renowned BIG brand, this ride-on car is ergonomic, solid, and highly effective. It comes in a unique turquoise color with a modern style that is sure to capture the imagination of children.

One of the key features of this ride-on toy is the steering wheel with a horn, which adds an extra element of excitement and fun for children while they play. The low center of gravity ensures that children can safely and confidently learn to ride and navigate their first "steps" on the ride-on. The ride-on car is equipped with plastic wheels that are designed to work perfectly on various surfaces, allowing children to explore and enjoy their ride-on adventure.

For added convenience and versatility, this ride-on car has swivel front wheels, making it easier for children to drive and turn. It also comes with a towing eye at the front and a trailer hook at the back, allowing children to attach additional accessories or toys for an even more immersive play experience. With a maximum load capacity of 50 kg, this ride-on car is suitable for children from 12 months of age and up.

Made in Germany, this ride-on car is of the highest quality and is designed for partial assembly. The seat is positioned at a height of 20 cm, providing a comfortable and secure seating position for children. Additionally, this ride-on car is compatible with a range of accessories, including a handle, bike sound steering wheel, number plate with a driving license, tow line, black boot covers, pink and blue shoe covers, red shoe covers, and a horn.

Key Features:
- Steering wheel with horn for an enhanced play experience
- Low center of gravity for safe and confident riding
- Plastic wheels suitable for various surfaces
- Swivel front wheels for easy driving and turning
- Towing eye at the front and trailer hook at the back for added versatility
- Maximum load capacity of 50 kg
- Suitable for children from 12 months of age
- Made in Germany
- Partial assembly required
- Seat height of 20 cm

- Brand: Big
- EAN: 4004943561389
- Item Weight: 3.4 kg
- Type: See Description
- Material: See Description
- Product ID: 56138
- Age: From 12 months
- Department: Boy/Girl
- Color: Green

The Magical Unicorn Horn BIG Bobby Car Classic Ride-On is the perfect ride-on toy that combines fun, adventure, and motor development for children. With its high-quality construction and guaranteed safety, this ride-on car will provide endless hours of entertainment and joy for your little ones. Let their imagination run wild as they embark on exciting ride-on adventures with this magical toy.

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