LEADZM JC002 Electric Police Ride-On Car for Kids with 2.4G Remote Control

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The LEADZM JC002 Electric Police Ride-On Car for Kids with 2.4G Remote Control is an exciting and adventurous toy that will provide endless fun for your little ones. This ride-on car is designed to resemble a police car, allowing your child to imagine themselves as a brave police officer patrolling the streets. With its sleek and realistic design, this rc ride on car is sure to capture the attention of any young car enthusiast.

One of the key features of this ride-on car is its easy assembly. You can quickly put together this car and have it ready for your child to ride in no time. It also offers three different speed modes, allowing your child to choose the level of excitement that suits them best. Whether they want to cruise around at a leisurely pace or zoom through the neighborhood, this ride-on car has got them covered.

Equipped with LED headlights, a horn, and an easy start/stop button, this ride-on car provides a realistic driving experience for your child. They can turn on the headlights to illuminate their path and use the horn to alert others of their presence. The easy start/stop button ensures that your child can operate the car effortlessly, giving them full control of their thrilling ride.

But the fun doesn't stop there. This ride-on car also allows your child to connect their portable devices to play their favorite music or stories. With an MP3 player, USB port, and AUX cord, they can enjoy their favorite tunes while cruising around in style. The ride-on car supports MP3 format, ensuring compatibility with various devices.

Safety is always a top priority, which is why this ride-on car is equipped with an automatic reset fuse for protection circuit. This feature ensures that the car is protected from any electrical issues, providing peace of mind for parents. The car is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery, which comes with a charger to allow for hours of playtime. It is recommended for children aged 3 to 8 years old, with a maximum user weight of 66lb (30kg).

In terms of specifications, this ride-on car has a speed range of 3-5KM/H, providing a thrilling yet safe speed for your child. The battery has a charge time of 8-12 hours and a run time of 1-2 hours, allowing for extended play sessions. The overall dimensions of the car are (43.3x26.8x20.5)" (L x W x H), providing ample space for your child to comfortably ride.

The package includes one electric car, one charger, and one manual, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started. With its realistic design, exciting features, and safety measures, the LEADZM JC002 Electric Police Ride-On Car for Kids with 2.4G Remote Control is the perfect toy to ignite your child's imagination and provide them with hours of thrilling adventures.

- Easy to assemble
- Three different speed modes
- LED headlights, horn, and easy start/stop button
- Ability to connect portable devices to play music or stories
- Equipped with an MP3 player, USB port, and AUX cord
- Automatic reset fuse for protection circuit
- Rechargeable 12V battery with charger
- Recommended for children 3 to 8 years old

- Maximum User Weight: 66lb / 30kg
- Speed: 3-5KM/H
- Charge Time: 8-12 Hrs
- Run Time: 1-2 Hrs
- Battery Type: 12V
- Overall Dimensions: (43.3x26.8x20.5)" (L x W x H)

Package Includes:
- 1 x Electric Car
- 1 x Charger
- 1 x Manual

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