HoneyJoy 12V RC Truck Car with LED Light and MP3 Player - Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids

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The HoneyJoy 12V RC Truck Car with LED Light and MP3 Player is the perfect Christmas gift for kids who love adventure and excitement. This ride-on truck car is designed with a modern style and comes in a vibrant red color that will surely catch the attention of every child.

Featuring multi-color LED lights and working headlights, this truck car creates a captivating visual experience for kids as they ride around. The LED lights add a touch of magic to the overall design, making it even more appealing to young imaginations.

With a size of 45" x 30" x 29" (L x W x H), this truck car provides ample space for kids to comfortably sit and enjoy their ride. It is made of high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and longevity even with frequent use. The firmness of the material guarantees a stable and safe ride for kids.

Equipped with four wheels, this truck car offers smooth and easy maneuverability both indoors and outdoors. Kids can confidently explore different terrains, whether it's on the floor of their playroom or on the pavement outside. The versatility of this remote control ride on truck car allows kids to have endless fun wherever they go.

The HoneyJoy 12V RC Truck Car is powered by a 6V 7AH*2 battery, which is included in the set. The battery provides a reliable and long-lasting power source for hours of playtime. Charging the battery is easy with the included 12V 1000MA charger. Each charging period takes approximately 8-12 hours, ensuring that the truck car is ready for the next adventure.

This ride-on truck car also comes with a remote controller, allowing parents or guardians to take control when needed. The remote control distance of 50m provides a wide range for convenient supervision. Parents can ensure the safety of their child while still giving them the freedom to explore and have fun.

The HoneyJoy 12V RC Truck Car with LED Light and MP3 Player is a three-piece set that includes the truck car, remote controller, charger, and user manual. Assembly is required, but it is a simple process that can be done with ease. The set is designed to provide a hassle-free experience for both parents and kids.

Overall, the HoneyJoy 12V RC Truck Car with LED Light and MP3 Player is a thrilling and entertaining ride-on toy for kids. Its vibrant design, LED lights, and working headlights create a captivating experience. The durable construction, easy maneuverability, and remote control feature ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure for kids. Get ready to make this Christmas extra special with the HoneyJoy 12V RC Truck Car!

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