HoneyJoy 12V Kids ATV Quad Ride On Car with LED Light & Music - Red

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The HoneyJoy 12V Kids ATV Quad Ride On Car with LED Light & Music - Red is the perfect ride-on toy for adventurous kids. With its slow start feature, it ensures optimal driving stability, providing higher protection for your little ones. The variable high and low speeds offer different driving experiences, allowing kids to choose their preferred mode.

This ride-on car can move forward or reverse with a simple switch, giving kids full control of their driving experience. To add more fun and excitement, the car is equipped with music and stories that will keep your child entertained and dispel boredom. The horn sound and simulative acceleration sound create a realistic driving experience, making your child feel like they're driving a real car.

The HoneyJoy 12V Kids ATV Quad Ride On Car features bright LED headlights that lighten up the dark surroundings, adding an extra element of fun to your child's adventures. The car is equipped with four wear-resistant wheels, ensuring lasting durability and higher stability. It can ride on various terrains such as the beach, rubber track, cement road, and wood floor, providing endless possibilities for your child's outdoor playtime.

Made with selected materials, this ride-on car is reliable and safe for your child to use. It has obtained ASTM certification, further enhancing its reliability and ensuring it meets the highest safety standards. The car also features a kids-friendly seat, providing higher driving comfort for your child.

With its built-in USB slot function, the HoneyJoy 12V Kids ATV Quad Ride On Car allows for numerous resources to be played, adding more entertainment options for your child. Whether it's a favorite playlist or audio stories, your child can enjoy their preferred content while riding around.

The HoneyJoy 12V Kids ATV Quad Ride On Car with LED Light & Music - Red is a top-notch ride-on toy that combines fun, adventure, and safety. Its eye-catching red color and sleek design make it an attractive choice for kids. With its key features and specifications, this ride-on car guarantees endless hours of excitement and joy for your little one.

- Brand: Babyjoy
- Color: Red
- Material: PP, Iron
- Size: 42"x25.5"x29" (L x W x H)
- Type: Cars

Key Features:
- Slow start for driving stability and higher protection
- Variable high/low speeds for different driving experiences
- Forward and reverse movement
- Music and stories for added fun and entertainment
- Horn sound and simulative acceleration sound for a realistic driving experience
- Built-in USB slot function for playing various resources
- Kids-friendly seat for higher driving comfort
- Bright LED headlights for enhanced visibility
- 4 wear-resistant wheels for lasting durability and stability
- Suitable for riding on various terrains
- Selected materials for reliable usage
- ASTM certification for enhanced reliability

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