Experience Magical Adventures with the Disney Princess 6 Volt HUV150 Ride-On

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Experience Magical Adventures with the Disney Princess 6 Volt HUV150 Ride-On

Get ready for an enchanting ride with the Disney Princess 6 Volt HUV150 Ride-On. This ride-on toy is perfect for little ones aged 3+ years, providing them with a magical and adventurous experience. With its Hyper brand and Princesses theme, it captures the imagination of young princesses everywhere. Let your child join their favorite Disney Princesses on exciting journeys with this delightful ride-on.

Key Features:

  • Holds one rider comfortably, aged 3+ years
  • Maximum Weight: 61 pounds
  • Equipped with Seat Belt
  • 2.2 mph forward and 2.0 mph reverse
  • Average run time 40 minutes

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Hyper
  • Theme: Princesses
  • Recommended Age Range: 3-7 Years
  • Age Level: 3-4 Years
  • Character Family: Disney Princess

Powered by a rechargeable 6V battery, the Disney Princess 6 Volt HUV150 Ride-On allows your kids to cruise down the sidewalk at a thrilling speed of 2.2 MPH. Little ones can even make use of the reverse function to get out of tight spots or show off their ride from a different angle. With its rugged wheels, this SUV-inspired ride-on is ready to explore the yard, providing endless fun and adventure.

The vehicle is equipped with a seat belt, ensuring your child's safety during their exciting escapades. The four-wheel suspension system enhances stability and performance, allowing for a smooth and comfortable ride. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is secure while enjoying their magical journey.

This Disney Princess 6 Volt HUV150 Ride-On is an ideal gift for kids aged 3 and above. It can hold a maximum weight of 61 pounds, accommodating most young riders. Let your child's imagination soar as they embark on thrilling adventures with their favorite Disney Princesses.

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