Enhanced Brake Module for Power Wheels Ride-On Vehicles

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The Enhanced Brake Module for Power Wheels Ride-On Vehicles is our most popular electrical upgrade! Say goodbye to the jarring stops and unnecessary strain on the gears that come with the built-in electrical braking effect in Power Wheels. With this simple addition, you can greatly reduce the braking effect and create a smoother ride for your little one.

This brake reduction module is designed to work with any voltage vehicle that uses a plunger-style foot pedal switch. It is easy to install, requiring just a few simple steps:

1. Access the three wires located under the gas pedal.
2. Cut out a three-inch section of the orange wire (or the wire in the same position as shown in our picture) where you can place the brake reduction module. Note that this is not the same orange wire that leads to the motors.
3. Crimp the brake reduction module to the orange wire. It is not directional, so you don't have to worry about which way it is connected.
4. If you prefer, you can screw the module to the car for added stability. However, if it fits snugly, a little bounce won't harm it.
5. Reassemble the car and get ready for an enhanced ride-on experience!

Please note that while this brake module greatly reduces the braking effect, it will also increase the stopping distance of your vehicle. It is important to drive responsibly and adjust your driving accordingly.

Key Features:
- Enhances the ride-on experience by reducing the jarring stops caused by the built-in electrical braking effect
- Compatible with any voltage vehicle using a plunger-style foot pedal switch
- Easy installation with just a few simple steps
- Can be screwed to the car for added stability

Product Specifications:
- Brand: ML Toys

Upgrade your Power Wheels ride-on vehicle with the Enhanced Brake Module from ML Toys and enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable ride for your little one. Say goodbye to jarring stops and hello to enhanced playtime fun!

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