Enhanced 12V 15Ah Battery for Power Wheels, Outperforms Fisher Price 9.5Ah 12Ah

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The Enhanced 12V 15Ah Battery for Power Wheels is the ultimate power upgrade for your child's ride-on car or truck. With a whopping 58% increase in run-time and range, this battery will keep the fun going for hours on end. Say goodbye to the limitations of the original Power Wheels battery, which can lose capacity over time. This battery boasts an enormous 15 Amp-hours of energy, compared to the stock battery's meager 9.5 Amp-hours.

Not only does this battery provide extended playtime, but it also outperforms the stock battery in every way possible. It can sustain more output under heavy load, ensuring that your child's ride-on vehicle performs at its best. And the best part? This battery comes with a free charger, so you can keep it powered up and ready to go.

One of the standout features of the original Power Wheels battery is its internal 30A circuit breaker, which prevents motors from overheating in case of a collision. Most aftermarket batteries use a fuse instead, which requires replacement when blown. But not this battery. It also features a 30A circuit breaker, so if it ever trips, simply wait a few seconds and it will automatically reset, without the need for extra fuses or tools.

Unlike other extended-runtime battery upgrade kits, this battery is designed to fit seamlessly in the original battery compartment. No assembly required. While it may be slightly longer than the original battery, rest assured that it will still fit perfectly. And here's the best part - this battery works safely in any orientation, so you can position it vertically with the plug facing up, without any worries about compatibility.

With its impressive performance and easy installation, it's no wonder that nobody has returned this battery for not fitting in the compartment. So go ahead, enhance your child's ride-on car or truck with the Enhanced 12V 15Ah Battery for Power Wheels and let the adventures begin.

Product Specifications:
- Voltage: 12V
- Capacity: 15 Amp-hours
- Circuit Breaker: 30A
- Orientation: Safe in any position
- Compatibility: Fits in original battery compartment
- Charger: Free charger included

Key Features:
- 58% increase in run-time and range
- Outperforms the stock battery in every way
- Sustains more output under heavy load
- Comes with a free charger
- Features a 30A circuit breaker for added safety
- No need for extra fuses or tools
- Easy drop-in replacement for the stock battery
- Compatible with any orientation in the battery compartment

Age Level:
- 12 Months & Under
- 1-2 Years
- 3-4 Years
- 4-7 Years
- 8-11 Years
- 12-16 Years
- 17 Years & Up

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