Electric Toddler Motor Bike with 12V Battery and Training Wheels for Outdoor Fun

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The Electric Toddler Motor Bike with 12V Battery and Training Wheels for Outdoor Fun is the perfect ride-on toy for adventurous kids over 3 years old. This motor bike offers an exhilarating and safe riding experience, allowing children to explore the outdoors with confidence.

Key Features:
- Easy Operation for Cheerful Driving: Kids can effortlessly shift the forward/reverse lever within arm's reach to control the motorcycle's direction and speed. With a maximum speed of up to 4 mph forward and 2 mph in reverse, children can enjoy a thrilling ride while staying safe.
- Real Driving Experience: The built-in music and story modes keep children entertained during their ride. The motor bike also features an AUX input and USB port, allowing kids to connect their favorite portable devices for even more fun. They can easily switch songs and adjust the volume using the buttons on the dashboard, providing an authentic driving feeling.
- Wear-resistant Tires with Training Wheels: The motor bike is equipped with wear-resistant tires featuring anti-skid patterns. These tires provide excellent traction on various flat surfaces, such as wood floors, rubber tracks, or asphalt roads. Additionally, the bike comes with 2 training wheels that ensure children's balance and prevent them from falling over, promoting a safe and stable ride.
- Safe Material and Battery Powered Design: Made of durable and harmless PP material and a sturdy metal frame, this ride-on motor bike is built to last. It is also powered by a rechargeable 12V battery, which comes with a charger adapter. Kids can enjoy hours of playtime after a charging time of approximately 8-12 hours.
- Perfect Gift for Kids: With its bright LED lights illuminating the surroundings for safe driving, this motor bike boasts a cool and realistic design that resembles a real motorcycle. It sparks children's interest and allows them to experience the feeling of being a superhero. It is an ideal gift for children who are ready to embark on exciting outdoor adventures.

- Color: Red
- Material: PP, iron
- Product dimensions: 45.5" x 19.5" x 30" (L x W x H)
- Battery: 12V 7AH
- Weight capacity: 66 lbs
- Speed: 3-7 km/h
- Charging time: 8-12 hours
- Suitable age: 3+ years
- Net weight: 33.5 lbs

Why Buy Our Item:
- Shift the forward/reverse lever to the proper position for safe speed and direction.
- Made of high-quality PP material and a sturdy iron frame, ensuring sturdiness and durability.
- Equipped with 2 powerful drive motors, allowing the motor bike to reach speeds of 3-7 km/h.
- Features an AUX input and USB port, enabling children to connect external devices for added entertainment.
- The inclusion of training wheels provides higher stability and safety during driving.
- Kids can drive freely by operating the foot pedal and gripping the non-slip handlebars.
- The wear-resistant tires with anti-slip function allow children to ride on all kinds of flat surfaces.
- Bright LED lights and built-in music and stories enhance the fun and excitement of the ride.
- The motor bike has a maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs, accommodating children of various sizes.
- It serves as a perfect gift for children over 3 years old, promoting the development of driving skills, balance, and traffic sense.
- The rechargeable design ensures that kids can drive the motor bike with minimal effort.

The Electric Toddler Motor Bike with 12V Battery and Training Wheels for Outdoor Fun is the ultimate ride-on toy for young adventurers. With its impressive features and specifications, this motor bike guarantees hours of thrilling and safe outdoor fun. Let your child's imagination soar as they embark on exciting adventures with this incredible ride-on motor bike.

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