Electric Ride-On Truck for Kids with Remote Control and Headlights - 12V Children's Toy Car

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The Electric Ride-On Truck for Kids with Remote Control and Headlights is the ultimate toy car for your adventurous little one. This 12V children's toy car is designed to provide endless fun and excitement, while also ensuring the safety of your child. With its sleek design and cool features, this ride-on truck is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

One of the key features of this rc ride on truck is the multiple ways to control it. Children can operate the car themselves using the accelerator pedal, manual control buttons, and steering wheel. For added convenience and peace of mind, parents can also use the included remote control to control the car. The remote control features 3 speeds and requires two 1.5V AAA batteries (not included).

Safety is a top priority with this electric ride-on truck. It is equipped with a seat belt and safe door locks to ensure your child's safety while they're having fun. The slow start function and 4 shock-absorbing springs on the anti-slip and durable wheels provide a smooth and safe ride on different types of roads.

But the fun doesn't stop there! This ride-on truck also comes with a USB port and an Aux jack, allowing your child to connect their device and play their favorite songs while they ride. The car also features a preset story and music buttons on the steering wheel for added entertainment.

In terms of looks, this ride-on truck is sure to turn heads. It features 180° rotatable mirrors and a unique windshield that adds a cool and stylish touch. The bright headlights not only make the car look cool, but also light the way ahead at night.

This ride-on truck is not only a source of fun and entertainment, but also a great tool for your child's development. It helps improve their hand-eye coordination and allows them to explore the outside world and satisfy their curiosity.

This ride-on truck is an ideal gift for kids ages 3-7. Whether it's for a birthday or Christmas, this toy car will surely bring a smile to your child's face. The overall dimensions of the car are 39" x 26" x 26" (L x W x H), making it the perfect size for your little one.

Why buy our item? Here are some reasons:

- Pedal and steering wheel control for the child and remote control for parents
- Seat belt and door locks for maximum protection
- Wear-resistant and anti-slip wheels with spring suspension for a smooth drive
- Aux cord included and USB port enable the kid to enjoy their favorite audio files
- Slow start function ensures a gradual start and smooth braking
- Cool with the special windshield, bright headlights, and rotating rear view mirrors
- Certified by ASTM and CPSIA for safety assurance
- The effective distance of the remote control is 98.4 ft
- Clear user's manual makes the installation easier

- Color: Pink
- Material: Steel, Plastic
- Overall dimension: 39" x 26" x 26" (L x W x H)
- Seat size: 12.5" x 7.5" (L x W)
- Net weight: 29.7 lbs
- Weight capacity: 66 lbs
- Suitable age: 3-7 years old
- Battery: 12V 4.5AH
- Charger: 12V 500mA
- Charge time: 8-12 hours
- Speed: 1.5-2.8 mph

With its exciting features, safety measures, and stylish design, the Electric Ride-On Truck for Kids with Remote Control and Headlights is the perfect toy car for your little adventurer. Get ready for hours of fun and excitement with this ride-on truck.

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