Electric Ride On Toy Car for Kids Ages 3-8 with Remote Control - Perfect Gift for US Children

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The Electric Ride On Toy Car for Kids Ages 3-8 with Remote Control - Perfect Gift for US Children is an exciting and realistic ride-on toy that will bring endless fun and adventure to your little ones. With its official-licensed design and upgrade features, this electric car is a perfect replica of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ car, making it a dream come true for young car enthusiasts.

Featuring swing-up scissor doors and a sleek design, this remote control ride on car is sure to turn heads. It is powered by two powerful 35W motors and a 12V rechargeable battery, providing a thrilling and safe ride for kids ages 3-8. With a maximum speed of 3-5 km/h, your child can cruise around in style and feel like a real driver.

The ride-on car is built to be sturdy and stable, thanks to its 4 wear-proof plastic wheels and comfortable spring suspension system. It can support a maximum loading capacity of 30kg (66lbs), allowing your child to bring along their favorite toys and enjoy the ride to the fullest. The overall size of the car is 107.5x63x42cm (42.3x25x16.5inch), providing ample space for your child to sit comfortably.

Safety is a top priority, and this ride-on car is equipped with various features to ensure a secure ride. It comes with a 2.4G remote control, allowing parents to take control of the car and steer it if needed. The car also has a power display, horn sound, and high and low-speed options. The hydraulic doors add an extra touch of realism and excitement.

In terms of functionality, this ride-on car offers a range of options for your child to enjoy. The 2.4G remote control allows parents to conveniently operate the car from a distance. The light control switch adds a fun element, and the car also features a music function with an AUX and USB port, built-in music, and story options. Your child can have their favorite tunes playing while cruising around.

The Electric Ride On Toy Car for Kids Ages 3-8 with Remote Control comes in three vibrant colors: Green, Yellow, and Red. Choose the color that suits your child's personality and style. The car is made from high-quality materials, including PP and ABS plastic, ensuring durability and longevity.

Please note that this ride-on car is suitable for ages 3-8 and can only accommodate one person at a time. The battery has a capacity of 12V7AH and requires a charging time of 8-12 hours. Once fully charged, your child can enjoy 2 hours of continuous playtime. The charger included in the package has an input AC of 100-240V and an output DC of 12V 1000mA.

The package includes the Licensed Lamborghini Sports Car, DIY Cool Stickers for customization, a 2.4G Remote Control, Charger, and User Manual. Assembly is required, and it is recommended that an adult handle the assembly process.

Overall, the Electric Ride On Toy Car for Kids Ages 3-8 with Remote Control is the perfect gift for young children who love cars and adventure. With its realistic design, safety features, and exciting functionalities, this ride-on car will provide hours of entertainment and joy. Let your child's imagination run wild as they embark on thrilling adventures in their very own Lamborghini car.

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