Electric Ride-On Excavator Digger with RC Control, Lights, and Music for Kids (12V)

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The Electric Ride-On Excavator Digger with RC Control, Lights, and Music for Kids (12V) is the ultimate toy for adventurous kids. This ride-on excavator digger is designed to provide endless fun and excitement. With its bright yellow color and modern style, it will surely catch the attention of every little construction enthusiast.

Made from high-quality PP and metal materials, this remote control ride on excavator digger is built to withstand the rough play of young children. Its overall dimensions measure 45" x 23" x 23.5" (L x W x H), providing a spacious and comfortable seating area for kids. The seat size is 10" x 6.5" (L x W), ensuring a snug fit for children aged 3-8 years old.

Equipped with a powerful 12V battery, this ride-on excavator digger can reach speeds of 1.6-2.2 mph, allowing kids to experience the thrill of driving their own construction vehicle. The battery can be easily recharged using the included 12V 0.9A charger, with a charging time of 8-12 hours. Once fully charged, kids can enjoy hours of non-stop playtime.

With a load capacity of 66 lbs, this ride-on excavator digger can carry a significant amount of weight, making it suitable for kids of various sizes. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can handle the weight without any issues. The net weight of the digger itself is 25.5 lbs, making it easy to maneuver for kids.

The package includes everything needed to get started, including 1 x Kid's Ride on Excavator, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Charger, and 1 x Instruction manual. The remote control allows parents to take control of the excavator digger, ensuring the safety of their little ones. The lights and music add an extra level of excitement to the playtime experience.

Assembly of this ride-on excavator digger is required, providing an opportunity for kids and parents to bond and work together. The assembly process is straightforward and can be completed with ease. Once assembled, this ride-on excavator digger is ready to conquer both indoor and outdoor terrains, providing endless fun and adventure for kids.

In conclusion, the Electric Ride-On Excavator Digger with RC Control, Lights, and Music for Kids (12V) is a must-have toy for young construction enthusiasts. Its durable construction, powerful battery, and exciting features make it the perfect ride-on toy for kids aged 3-8 years old. Get ready to dig, explore, and have endless fun with this incredible ride-on excavator digger.

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