Electric 4-Wheeler Kids Ride-On Car with 12V Battery

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The Electric 4-Wheeler Kids Ride-On Car with 12V Battery is a must-have for adventurous kids. This 4-Wheeler Car, designed by CAROMA, is the perfect gift for boys and girls who love to explore. With its high/low speed switch and forward/reverse switch, kids can choose their preferred driving mode and experience endless fun.

This ride-on car features a USB slot and MP3 compatibility, allowing kids to connect their smart devices and enjoy their favorite music and stories while cruising around. The bright LED headlights illuminate the surroundings, adding to the excitement of the ride.

One of the standout features of this ride-on car is its advanced slow start technology, ensuring a safe and gradual acceleration that won't startle kids. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their little ones are protected.

The large anti-slip treaded wheels of this ride-on car can conquer various terrains such as grass, dirt, driveways, and sidewalks, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Here are the key specifications of the Electric 4-Wheeler Kids Ride-On Car with 12V Battery:

- Color: Rose Pink
- Motor: 35W*2 Double Drive
- Battery: 12V - 4.5AH
- Loading Capacity: 68 lbs
- Overall Dimensions: 34.6" L X 18.1" W X 20.1" H
- Recommended for Kids: 2-6 years old
- Forward and reverse functions
- Speed: High speed of 2.9mph, low speed of 1.5mph
- Key start
- USB and MP3 interface
- Power display
- Volume adjustment
- Slow start feature
- Charging time: 6-8 hours
- Long battery life: up to 60-90 minutes (Based on child weight)
- Certification: ASTM /F963, FCC, CE, ROHS

The Electric 4-Wheeler Kids Ride-On Car with 12V Battery is designed with safety and comfort in mind. The wide seat provides a comfortable and secure fit for kids, while the easily variable driving speeds and directions make it simple for them to operate. The horn sound and simulative acceleration sound buttons on the steering wheel add to the realistic driving experience.

This ride-on car has an authentic appearance that will captivate kids and make their playtime even more exciting. With its rechargeable design, kids can enjoy long hours of driving after a full charge. The power display reminds them to recharge in time. The inclusion of an MP3 player and USB socket allows kids to bring their favorite songs and music along for the ride.

Equipped with wear-resistant wheels, this ride-on car can conquer almost any terrain, whether it's grass, a beach, a rubber track, or a cement ground. The low center of gravity and 4 large-diameter wheels provide stability and safety for your little ones.

The Electric 4-Wheeler Kids Ride-On Car with 12V Battery is the ideal toy to accompany your kids on their adventures. Its cool design and high-quality materials ensure reliability and durability. Let this ride-on car create cherished childhood memories for your little racers.

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