6V Pink Kids Vespa Scooter with Training Wheel and Headlight

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The 6V Pink Kids Vespa Scooter with Training Wheel and Headlight is the perfect ride-on toy for your adventurous little one. With its vibrant pink color and sleek design, this scooter is sure to catch the eye of everyone in the neighborhood. Made from durable iron and PP materials, it is built to withstand hours of playtime fun.

Measuring at 42" X 19.5" X 32.5" (LXWXH), this scooter is the perfect size for children aged 37-95 months. It has a weight capacity of 55 lbs, ensuring that your child can ride comfortably and safely. The scooter itself weighs 21.5 lbs, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Powered by a 6V, 4.5Ah battery, this scooter provides hours of non-stop fun. The battery can be easily charged using the included charger, which has an input of 100-240V, 50/60HZ and an output of 7.8V, 500mA. Charging time typically takes 8-12 hours, so your child will never have to wait too long to get back on their scooter.

One of the standout features of this scooter is its ability to play stories and music. Equipped with a USB slot, SD slot, and MP3 port, your child can easily access their favorite tunes while riding around. The scooter also comes with an adjustable volume control, ensuring that the music is at the perfect level for your child's enjoyment.

Safety is a top priority with this scooter. It features training wheels that provide stability and prevent tipping over, giving your child the confidence to ride on their own. The scooter also has a bright headlight, allowing for safe riding even in low-light conditions. Additionally, it has a loud horn to alert others of your child's presence.

The wide seat of the scooter provides a comfortable driving experience, allowing your child to ride for extended periods without discomfort. The scooter is also easy to operate, with a simple start-up key and a foot pedal for forward and backward movement.

Included in the package is 1 X Ride on Scooter, 1 X Charger, 1 X MP3 Line, and 1 X User Manual. Everything you need to get your child started on their ride-on adventure.

Get your child the 6V Pink Kids Vespa Scooter with Training Wheel and Headlight today and watch as they explore the world in style and excitement.

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