6v Electric Excavator Toy Car with Bluetooth and Rear Reserve Box for Kids

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The 6v Electric Excavator Toy Car with Bluetooth and Rear Reserve Box for Kids is not just any ordinary ride-on toy. It is a thrilling adventure waiting to happen. With its realistic design and exciting features, this toy car will transport your child to a world of imagination and exploration.

Let your little one take control of this powerful excavator and embark on exciting construction adventures. This toy car is built to withstand any terrain, whether it's the living room, dirt, or even beach sand. The rear reserve box provides ample storage space for your child to bring their favorite toys along for the ride, allowing them to access their treasures wherever they go.

Product Specifications:
- Product Size: 37.4*17.7*32.3in
- Product Weight: 15.87lb
- Load-bearing Capacity: 90LBS
- Speed: 3-5km/h
- Applicable Age: 2-4 Years Old
- Battery Type: 6v4.5ah
- Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
- Use Time: 1 Hour
- Power: 12-16w 380 Motor Speed 16000

Key Features:
- Early Education: This ride-on excavator provides an opportunity for early education, allowing your child to learn about construction and develop their motor skills.
- Lights: The car is equipped with vibrant lights that add to the excitement and make the playtime even more engaging.
- Forward and Backward: Your child can easily maneuver this toy car forward and backward, giving them full control of their construction adventures.
- Manual Digging Arm: The manual digging arm allows your child to dig and scoop just like a real excavator, adding a realistic touch to their playtime.
- 380 Motor: The powerful 380 motor ensures smooth and thrilling rides, making every adventure more exciting.
- 6.4v Battery: The 6.4v battery provides long-lasting power, allowing your child to enjoy extended playtime.
- Shovel After the Basket: The shovel after the basket adds an extra element of fun and functionality to the toy car, making it even more versatile.
- Push the Handle Can Be Controlled Steering: Your child can easily control the steering of the car by pushing the handle, giving them a sense of control and independence.

This ride-on toy car comes with a child invasion safety helmet, ensuring your child's safety while they embark on their construction adventures. Let your child's imagination run wild as they explore the world of construction with the 6v Electric Excavator Toy Car with Bluetooth and Rear Reserve Box for Kids. Get ready for endless fun and excitement!

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