24V Ride On Kids Car Battery Charger with Charging Indicator (Black)

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The 24V Ride On Kids Car Battery Charger with Charging Indicator (Black) is the perfect accessory for parents who prioritize their children's safety while they enjoy their ride-on adventures. With its fast and safe charging feature, your little ones will never have to worry about running out of power in the middle of their playtime. The charge status indicator allows you to easily monitor the charging process, giving you peace of mind.

This universal battery charger is specifically designed for 24V kids electric 24v ride on cars, making it compatible with a wide range of electric strollers and ride-on toys. It provides a continuous and stable power supply, ensuring that your child's ride-on vehicle is always ready for action.

Safety is paramount, and that's why this battery charger is equipped with a charging protection system. Once the battery is fully charged, the power supply automatically cuts off to prevent overcharging and potential damage to the battery. You can trust that this charger will keep your child's battery in optimal condition.

The 24V Ride On Kids Car Battery Charger features a sleek black design that perfectly complements any vehicle. Its stylish appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your child's ride-on car or truck. Let your little one stand out as they cruise around the neighborhood with this eye-catching charger.

Key Features:
- Universal battery charger suitable for 24V kids electric ride-on cars
- Compatible with electric strollers and ride-on toys
- Charging protection system prevents overcharging and battery damage
- Stylish black design that matches any vehicle
- Charge status indicator with two-color LED lights (red for charging, green for full charge)

Product Specifications:
- Type 2 power unit model: LKC-288050-E
- Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.36A
- Output: 28.8VDC, 500mA

Additional Specifications:
- Package Dimensions: 3.54 x 2.72 x 2.24 inches
- Color: Black
- Input Voltage: 24 Volts
- Age Level: 8-11 Years, 12-16 Years, 17 Years & Up
- Brand: Unbranded
- Year: 2020
- Theme: Cars
- Recommended Age Range: 8-11 Years, 12-16 Years, 17 Years & Up
- Output Voltage: 28.8 Volts
- Item Weight: 4.6 Ounces
- Character Family: Toy Story
- Specification Met: CE, FCC

Order the 24V Ride On Kids Car Battery Charger with Charging Indicator (Black) now and give your children an unforgettable driving experience. Let them enjoy their ride-on adventures with the assurance of a fully charged battery.

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