24V Children's Ride on Excavator Tractor with Trailer - Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle Plaything

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The 24V Children's Ride on Tractor Excavator with Trailer - Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle

The 24V Children's Ride on Tractor with Trailer is a thrilling and versatile toy that will bring endless hours of fun and excitement to children. Plus it has a real working excavator scooper on the front. With its detachable large trailer, kids can transport their favorite toys, flowers, straw, stationery, and so much more. This electric ride-on tractor provides a safe and smooth driving experience, thanks to its wear-resistant wheels that effortlessly glide on all kinds of sidewalks. The anti-skid pattern on the wheels offers extra protection and ensures stability during playtime.

Designed with your child's safety in mind, this ride-on toy features a high backrest and seat belt, effectively preventing any accidental falls. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their little ones are secure while enjoying their ride-on adventure. Equipped with headlights, horns, forward and backward functions, this multifunctional offers an immersive and realistic driving experience for children. The multiple entertainment features will keep them entertained and engaged for hours on end.

One noteworthy feature of this ride-on car is its soft-start technology, which prevents sudden acceleration or braking that could startle or frighten children. This ensures a gentle and gradual start, allowing kids to feel confident and comfortable while operating the vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Detachable large trailer for transporting toys, flowers, straw, stationery, and more
  • Working front scooper
  • Safe and smooth driving experience with wear-resistant wheels
  • Anti-skid pattern on wheels for added protection and stability
  • High backrest and seat belt for preventing falls
  • Multifunctional stroller with headlights, horns, forward and backward functions
  • Soft-start technology for gradual acceleration and braking

Ride-On Excavator Tractor With Trailer Product Specifications:

Age Group

3 to 8

Max Weight (lbs)


Parental Control Remote




Seat Material


Seat Belt


Max Speed (mph)


Speed Options

2 to 3

Number of batteries


Voltage per Battery (V)


Battery Charging time (hs)

8 to 12

Operation Time per Charge (min)

45 to 60

LED Lights


MP3/Aux Input


USB Input


SD Card Input


Bluetooth Input








Tires Material



2x 24 volt

Product Dimensions / Weight

89*28.3*41.3 / 31.2lb

Overall, the 24V Children's Ride on Tractor Excavator with Trailer is the perfect toy for adventurous kids who love to explore and engage in imaginative play. Its detachable trailer, safe driving features, and multifunctional design make it a must-have for any young adventurer. Let your child's imagination run wild as they embark on exciting ride-on journeys with this battery-powered electric vehicle plaything.

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