2023 Licensed Mercedes Ride On Kids Car with Remote Control and 12V Battery

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The 2023 Licensed Mercedes Ride On Kids Car with Remote Control and 12V Battery

Are you ready to give your child endless memories? Let them embark on exciting adventures with the 2023 Licensed Mercedes Ride On Kids Car. Designed with the coolest appearance and features, this ride-on car is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and excitement.

Key Features:

  • Remote Control - Drive the car for your little one until they learn to drive on their own
  • Soft Leather Seat - Super comfortable for a smooth and enjoyable ride
  • Soft Steering Wheel - Easy to grip and control
  • Floor Mat - Adds extra comfort and protection
  • Realistic Operable Doors - Just like a real car
  • Rubber Tires - Provide a quiet and comfortable ride
  • 3 Different Speeds - Choose from forward and reverse with a maximum speed of 2-6 mph
  • Soft Start and Electric Brake System - Gradual acceleration and reliable braking
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering System - Steering wheel automatically returns to center
  • Play Music From Phone - Connect your phone and enjoy your favorite tunes
  • Horn Sound Buttons on the Steering Wheel - Honk your way through the neighborhood
  • On-screen Battery Level Indicator - Always know when it's time to recharge
  • LED Headlights / Tail Lights - Illuminate the way
  • Lights ON/OFF Lever Handle Switch - Control the lights with ease
  • Trunk Space - Bring your child's favorite toys along for the ride
  • PU Leather Seat - Ensures a safe and comfortable seating experience
  • Safety Seat Belt - Keep your little one secure
  • Openable Doors - Easy access in and out of the car
  • Mercedes AMG Sports Style Color LED Wheels - Stylish and eye-catching

Product Specifications:

  • Recommended Ages: 2-6 years
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 66 lb
  • Fits 1 Child Only
  • ASTM-certified
  • Battery Type: 12 volt rechargeable battery
  • Charging Time: 1 to 8 hours (Automatically Controlled)
  • Driving Time: 1 to 2 hours (Depending on Charge)
  • Car Includes: 2 Motors and 12V Battery
  • Parent Remote Control - Overpower and control the car
  • Fast Car Charger
  • Automatic Steering Wheel - Steering wheel goes back to center

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