12V Power Mercedes GLC63S 2 SEAT Children's Electric Ride-on Car with Wheels

Color: Red
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The 12V Power Mercedes GLC63S 2 SEAT Children's Electric Ride-on Car with Wheels is the perfect ride-on vehicle for adventurous kids. With its luxurious features and sleek design, this car will make your child feel like a true driver. Available in four vibrant colors - RED, BLACK, BLUE, or WHITE - you can choose the one that suits your child's style the best.

Key Features:

- Painted Body: The car's body is beautifully painted, adding a touch of elegance and style.
- BIG 12V12ah Battery: Equipped with a powerful battery, this ride-on car ensures long hours of fun.
- Sound System: The car includes a real radio, allowing your child to enjoy their favorite tunes while cruising around.
- Soft Cushion Seat: The comfortable seat provides a cozy and enjoyable ride for your child.
- Working Headlamp Lights: The car features working headlamp lights, adding to the realism of the driving experience.
- Suspension: With suspension, this ride-on car offers a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven surfaces.
- Parental Remote Control: The included parental remote control allows you to take control of the car's movements, ensuring your child's safety.
- Kids Footpedal: The car also has a footpedal, giving your child the option to drive independently.
- Safety Seatbelt: For added safety, the car is equipped with a seatbelt, keeping your child secure during their ride.
- 12V 12ah Batteries: The car comes with 12V 12ah batteries, providing ample power for an exciting ride.
- Easy Plug-in Charger: Charging the car is a breeze with the easy plug-in charger.
- 3 Speeds: The car offers three different speeds, allowing your child to choose the one that suits their skill level.

Product Specifications:

- Brand: Undisclosed
- Dimensions: (L x W x H) 49.21" x 31.50" x 21.26"
- Maximum Weight Capacity: 88 lbs
- Recommended Age: 3-5 years old
- Material: Plastic
- Maximum Speed: 3-5 mph
- Run Time: 1-2 hours
- Charging Time: 8-12 hours
- Remote Control Distance: 50-80 ft

With its luxury features, advanced specifications, and safety measures, the 12V Power Mercedes GLC63S 2 SEAT Children's Electric Ride-on Car with Wheels is the ultimate toy car for your little adventurer. Let their imagination run wild as they embark on exciting rides with this stylish and thrilling ride-on car. Order now and give your child the gift of endless fun and joy!

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