12V Electric Porsche Cayenne Children's Ride-on Car with EVA Rubber Tires

Color: Black
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The 12V Electric Porsche Cayenne Children's Ride-on Car with EVA Rubber Tires is the ultimate ride-on vehicle for your little ones. This luxury car, available in both black and white, is packed with amazing features that will make your child feel like a true adventurer.

Key Features:
- Painted Body: The sleek and stylish design of this ride-on car is sure to turn heads wherever your child goes.
- Sound System: Let your child enjoy their favorite tunes while cruising around in style.
- Soft Cushion Seat: The comfortable seat ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride for your little one.
- Working Headlamp Lights: The realistic headlamp lights add to the overall excitement and authenticity of this ride-on car.
- Suspension: The built-in suspension system provides a smooth and stable ride, even on uneven terrain.
- Parental Remote Control: With the included remote control, parents can take control of the car and ensure their child's safety.
- Kids Footpedal: When your child is ready to take the wheel, they can use the footpedal to control the speed and direction of the car.
- Safety Seatbelt: The ride-on car is equipped with a safety seatbelt to keep your child secure during their adventures.
- 12V Battery: The powerful 12V battery provides hours of fun-filled playtime for your child.
- Easy Plug-in Charger: Charging the battery is quick and convenient with the easy plug-in charger.
- 3 Speeds: The ride-on car offers three different speeds, allowing your child to choose the perfect pace for their adventure.

- Brand: Undisclosed
- Type: Ride-on Car
- Color Options: Black, White
- Battery: 12V
- Remote Control: Yes
- Seatbelt: Yes
- Speeds: 3
- Tire Type: EVA Rubber
- Charging: Plug-in Charger

With the 12V Electric Porsche Cayenne Children's Ride-on Car with EVA Rubber Tires, your child will have the time of their life exploring the world around them. Whether they're cruising through the neighborhood or embarking on a backyard adventure, this ride-on car is sure to provide endless fun and excitement. Get ready for unforgettable adventures with this top-of-the-line ride-on car.

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