12V Battery Powered Kids Excavator Dumper Truck with Front Loader Digger

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The 12V Battery Powered Kids Excavator Dumper Truck with Front Loader Digger is not just a toy, it's an adventure waiting to happen. Designed to mimic adult construction excavators, this ride-on toy is perfect for little ones who love to explore and play. With its realistic look and feel, it helps to develop children's hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and confidence. Your kids will feel like real construction workers as they operate the excavator's functions of forwarding, backward, stop, and two speeds. The arm extends for even more realistic play, allowing your little ones to dig and scoop just like the real thing.

Made with durable and wear-resistant materials, this kids digger is built to withstand the rough and tumble play of adventurous children. The body is made of waterproof and non-toxic PP raw material and ironware, ensuring safety while riding. The extra wide wheels are also made of wear-resistant materials, making them strong enough to withstand slight collisions. Plus, the waterproof, easy-to-clean, and durable surface will satisfy every parent's desire for a long-lasting toy.

Safety is a top priority with this well-designed ride-on construction vehicle. It features a comfortable seat with a safety belt, providing a secure and comfortable driving environment for your little ones. The simulated decoration with stable joints adds to the realistic feel, while the spacious pedal and easy-to-operate buttons make it simple for your kids to control the excavator. The sensitive handle allows them to enjoy digging at a low or high speed, giving them the freedom to explore and have fun.

With a long battery life, this excavator ensures that your little ones can abundantly enjoy their playtime. It has an external side charging port and needs to charge for 8-12 hours. Once fully charged, your kids can continuously play with it for 1.5 hours. This means hours of fun and excitement, allowing their imaginations to run wild as they dig, scoop, and explore their surroundings.

The adjustable sturdy arm of the front loader allows for flexible movement, making it easy for your kids to scoop up sand, snow, or even toys. The fully functional backhoe digger is equipped with a strong front loader that can perform multiple joint activities, giving your little ones endless possibilities for play. Whether it's digging in the sandbox or carrying their favorite toys, this excavator is sure to bring joy and adventure to every playtime.

Our 12V Battery Powered Kids Excavator Dumper Truck with Front Loader Digger is made with high impact blow molded resin body, ensuring its durability and easy-to-clean material. It's a non-toxic toy that is safe for children to play with. The ride-on toy is pedal-powered, making it easy for your kids to move and dig. The convenient handle allows for easy operation, giving your little ones full control of their excavator adventures.

The comfortable and spacious seat is designed with safety in mind, featuring a safety belt to provide a secure driving environment for your kids. The digger bucket has a good load-bearing capacity, with a maximum load capacity of 6 lbs. This means your little ones can carry their favorite toys or even small amounts of sand or snow as they explore their surroundings.

With functions of forwarding, backward, stop, and high/low speed, this excavator gives your kids the freedom to dig, scoop, and explore at their own pace. It's suitable for children with ages ranging from 37 to 96 months, making it a great gift for birthdays and holidays for both boys and girls. Let their imaginations run wild as they embark on exciting construction adventures with their very own ride-on excavator.


  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Plastic, ironware
  • Size: 59" x 24.5" x 29.5" (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 39 lbs
  • Load capacity: 66 lbs
  • Ambient temperature: 0-40 degree centigrade
  • Speed: 2.5 km/h- 5km/h
  • Battery: 6V 7AH *2
  • Charging period: 8-12 hours each time

Get ready for hours of adventurous play with the 12V Battery Powered Kids Excavator Dumper Truck with Front Loader Digger. Order yours today and watch your little ones' imaginations soar as they embark on exciting construction adventures!

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