Power Up Your Kids' Ride On Toys with this 12V Charger for Yamaha Raptor 700R and Toyota FJ Cruiser

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The Power Up Your Kids' Ride On Toys with this 12V Charger for Yamaha Raptor 700R and Toyota FJ Cruiser is the perfect replacement charger for your 12 volt ride-on car. It features fast and reusable charging, allowing your kids to get back to their adventures in no time. This charger is specifically designed to charge 12V kids electric riding toys, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of models.

One of the key features of this charger is the indication light, which turns red when the car is charging and green when it is fully charged. This allows you to easily monitor the charging progress and know when your ride-on car is ready for action. Additionally, this charger is UL Listed and BC certified, meeting the highest safety standards. It also provides over voltage protection, over current protection, and short circuit protection, ensuring the safety of your child and the longevity of the charger.

The specifications of this charger are as follows:
- Input: AC 100-120V, 0.3A, 50/60Hz
- Output: DC 12V, 1.0A
- Connector: B-type Plug
- Cable Length: 6FT
- Model: SL12-12-03E

This package includes 1 charger, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for keeping your ride-on car powered up. The charger is compatible with special 12 volt kids ride-on cars, specifically designed to work with Yamaha Raptor 700R, MegaTredz, Motion Trendz, and Toyota FJ Cruiser kids powered four wheelers cars. Please note that this charger is not compatible with 6V ride-on toys.

With its reliable performance and safety features, this 12V charger is a must-have accessory for any ride-on car enthusiast. It ensures that your child's adventures are never cut short due to a dead battery. So power up your kids' ride-on toys and let them embark on thrilling journeys with this high-quality charger.

Age Level: 5-7 Years, 1-2 Years, 3-4 Years
Brand: LotFancy
Theme: Cars

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