Milwaukee M18 Peg Perego Upgrade Battery Adapter Holder Dock Kit

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The Milwaukee M18 Peg Perego Upgrade Battery Adapter Holder Dock Kit is the perfect solution for upgrading your kids' ride-on Power Wheels. With this kit, you can easily convert your Power Wheels to use your Milwaukee M18 batteries, providing a powerful and long-lasting ride for your little ones.

This kit includes everything you need for a seamless upgrade. It comes with a battery dock, fuses, fuse holder, and a mating connector for a plug and play installation. Simply mount the battery dock using the included zip screws, plug it in, and your ride-on toy is ready to go.

One of the key features of this kit is the 50% increase in speed it provides for 12v machines. Your kids will love the added thrill and excitement that comes with the increased speed.

The battery dock is made of tough PETG material, ensuring durability and longevity. It is 3D printed with precision to ensure a perfect fit for your Power Wheels.

Please note that this battery dock is made in the USA, supporting small businesses. Order today to secure your kit, as availability is limited due to ongoing parts shortages.

Product Specifications:
- Brand: MW Specialty Products
- Color: Red

Key Features:
- Upgrade your kids' Power Wheels to use Milwaukee M18 batteries
- Plug and play installation with included battery dock and mating connector
- 50% increase in speed for 12v machines
- Made of tough PETG material for durability
- 3D printed for a precise fit
- 30-day warranty against defects and premature failure

Order the Milwaukee M18 Peg Perego Upgrade Battery Adapter Holder Dock Kit today and give your kids' ride-on toy a powerful and thrilling upgrade. Let them experience the joy of a faster and more exciting ride.

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